WCVB Interviews Dr Judah Cohen as part of their Summer Forecast

WCVB Interviews Dr Judah Cohen

Fox Weather interviews Judah Cohen to discuss Polar Vortex mid winter 23-24

VERISK Atmospheric and Environmental Research Scientist Dr Judah Cohen is interviewed in another PBS Terra episode -- Check it out!

Video: Why on Earth are Winters Getting Worse if the Planet is Getting Warmer?

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Video: Linking Arctic variability and change with extreme winter weather in the US

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We appreciate your taking the time to read the public Arctic Oscillation blog from Dr. Judah Cohen and the AER Seasonal Forecasting team.  

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Video: Judah Cohen discusses the forecast methodology used in the blog to the NWS Bismark office

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Video:  Explanation of the Polar Vortex 

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by Jacob Ohnstad, a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma funded by NSF grant AGS-1657748.

Video: How Arctic Amplification Affects the Polar Vortex

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